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Ivonne goes back to her Peruvian roots as a composer, writing works inspired by different styles of Peruvian music. She is very interested in applying her Peruvian heritage to any composition making it diverse, unique and out of the ordinary.

Composer. Percussionist. Paredes was born and raised in Lima, Peru. In search of a better education, she relocated to the United States at the age of 17, and settled in Florida. As a college student, she enrolled in music classes and began taking lessons from renowned percussionist Mike Davis. In 2008, Paredes transferred to Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, where she continued her studies as part of the Rollins Percussion ensemble led by Beth Gottlieb, and as a student in Gottlieb's master classes.                                                                                    

Paredes is a graduate from Rollins College, and holds a Master of Music degree in Composition from City University of New York - Brooklyn College, where she composed under the supervision of Douglas Cohen and Tania León. She has also been under the tutelage of composers Jason Eckardt and Morton Subótnick.

Her music has been performed and premiered across the Americas as well as in Europe and Asia. Some of the ensembles that have performed her compositions include the Rollins College Orchestra, the Brooklyn College Symphony Orchestra, forty/sixty, andPlay, Black House Collective, JACOPERA, Vanguardia Perú Big Band, Periapsis ensemble, Cincinnati Soundbox’s e513, the YMCA College of Hong Kong's jazz ensemble, and Arturo O'Farrill's Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra.

Paredes specializes in chamber works, and her compositions have received numerous recognitions. Memorias, her master's thesis and percussion ensemble work, was awarded the H. Wiley Hitchcock Award in 2014. Her marimba piece Marinera was also chosen as part of the Society of Composers, Inc. 2015 Mixtapes. Recent works have been selected for performance in various new music festivals including the Women Composers Festival of Hartford, NSEME, the UNK New Music Festival, The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, PARMA Music Festival, The International Electroacoustic Music Festival, the Manchester New Music Festival, MUSLAB, New Latin Wave, among others.

In addition to concert music, Ivonne composes music for dance. She has collaborated with choreographer Andre M. Zachery, artistic director of the Renegade Performance Group, and she held a residency at Periapsis Music & Dance.

She also works as a concert organizer and promoter of new music. In 2014, she founded the organization GROUP WORK with fellow composers Matthew D. Gantt and Abraham Z. Morrison. The organization curates composers' concerts throughout New York City.

Ivonne currently works at the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College, and for the non-profit organization Composers Now.



Orchestral | Chamber | Solo Acoustic Works


- For Orchestra -

This orchestral work is inspired by Marinera, a music genre from the northern regions of Peru. In particular, by the first Marinera song ever notated, Concha de Perla.

Reading by the Brooklyn College Conservatory Orchestra, conducted by George Rothman.

Recorded on May 9, 2013 at Whitman Theater in Brooklyn College, New York.


- For Chamber Ensemble & Voice -

Desconocimiento (or "Lack of Knowledge") is a chamber piece that was written for the 2015 Black House Collective Workshop in Kansas City, MO.

Performed by Hunter Long, Amanda DeBoer Barlett, Chris Wild, Maya Bennardo, Joe Tucker, Wendy Raines Grew, Russell Thorpe, Ashley Tini, Steven Landis, and Molly McLauglin.

Live recording on March 6, 2015 at the Kansas City Ballet Bolender Center.


- For Chamber Ensemble -

Being from Peru, Paredes focuses on highlighting her background by writing pieces inspired by various types of Peruvian music. This piece, Amazonia, is based on Amazonian music. It is an upbeat composition, accompanied by tribal dances native to some of tribal communities of the Peruvian Amazon.

Performed by Sarah Kuzma, Tais Szilagi, Paula Battista, Arsid Ketjuntra, and Gregory Post.

Live recording on November 19, 2012 in Studio 312 at Brooklyn College, New York.

Hoguera de Silencios

- For Two Sopranos, Mezzo Soprano & Piano -

Hoguera de Silencios (Bonfire of Silence) is based on the poem by Peruvian poet Blanca Varela. Everything from the melodies to the sound effects that happen throughout the piece have been inspired by the text. This is the first work that Ivonne has done inspired by one of the poems by the Peruvian poet. She happened to discover Varela after looking for poems for this commission, and found Hoguera dark and intriguing. Ivonne would like to thank JACOPERA for giving her the opportunity to write a work for them, and for premiering it in Milan.

Performed by JACOPERA (Jennie Legary, Anastasia Rege, and Christina Hourihan).

Performance on July 3, 2016 at Magazzino Musica (MaMu) in Milan, Italy.


- For Mallet Trio -

Oye (Listen) is a composition inspired by Peruvian singer-songwriter Eva Ayllon. Called "The Queen of Landó," Ayllon has a long history as a Festejo and Landó musician which are two popular styles of Peruvian music derived from African and indigenous Peruvian music. Paredes loves her music and the way she delivers it, she has such a passionate presence and penetrating voice. This is a tribute to her music, her legacy, and to Peruvian music in general.

This piece was initially for brass trio, then arranged for percussion.

Performed by Paula Battista, Gerard Sullivan, and Ivonne Paredes.

Live recording on December 10, 2012 in Studio 312 at Brooklyn College, New York.


- For Paetzold recorder and Percussion -

Duet for Paetzold recorder and percussion performed by Hunter Long (recorder) and Ivonne Paredes (percussion).

Performed on July 25, 2015 at Charlotte Street Studios in Kansas City, MO.

El Sueño del Caimán

- For Violin and Cello -

Performed by Myrto Doumas ('cello) and Sainatee Suarez (violin). Based on the poem by Peruvian poet Jose Santos Chocano by the same name.

World premiere on May 22nd, 2015 at 7pm at Studio 312, Brooklyn College. Brooklyn, NY.

Duo Para Cajón

- For Cajón Duet -

Dúo Para Cajón is inspired by Steve Reich's percussion music, which Paredes always find very enjoyable to play. In this piece, Reich's methods of repetition and sequence have been infused with a dash of Peruvian flavor.

Performed by Matteo Cammisa in Lucca, Italy.


- For Marimba -

Marinera is a piece written while Paredes was still an undergraduate student at Rollins College. It is influenced by Ney Rosauro’s marimba preludes and the melodies of the marinera song Asi Baila mi Trujillana by Peruvian composer Juan Benites Reyes. Marinera is a music style from the northern regions of Peru.

Ivonne Paredes, Marimba.

Live recording on April 18, 2010 in Tiedtke concert hall at Rollins college. Winter Park, FL.


- For Piano -

Elevación (Elevation) was written inspired by Claude Debussy's piano works and the playing of Emily Esposito.

Performed by Emily Esposito.

Performed on March 31, 2010 in Tiedtke concert hall at Rollins College. Winter Park, FL.

 Electronic | Electro-acoustic Works


- For Tenor Saxophone & Electronics -

Duet for tenor saxophone and electronics performed by Hunter Long (tenor) and Ivonne Paredes (electronics).

Performed on July 25, 2015 at Charlotte Street Studios in Kansas City, MO.


- For Clarinet & Electronics -

Aleksandr Karjaka, Clarinet
Ivonne Paredes, Electronics

Performance on June 26, 2016 as part of GROUP WORK IV: Room Sounds at JACK in Brooklyn, New York.


- For Glockenspiel (w/thimbles), Percussion & Electronics -

Fantasmagoria is inspired by the playing of Annabelle Cazes (aka Glockabelle). The glockenspiel is played with metal thimbles, a technique invented by Glockabelle. This piece is part of a compilation of Paredes’ electroacoustic duets and trios called Electroacústica Dinámica.

Annabelle Cazes, Glockenspiel (w/metal thimbles)
Sean Golsborough, Live electronics, sound design
Ivonne Paredes, Auxiliary Percussion

Recorded on February 25, 2015.


- For Horn & Electronics -

Espacio (Space) is a piece that Paredes wrote in the summer of 2013. She wanted this piece to embody the feeling of space, and the loneliness that comes with living in a vast universe. Samples used in Espacio include sounds of the electromagnetic waves of various planets as recorded by NASA.

Melissa Danas, Horn
Matthew Gantt, Sampler

Live recording on October 31st, 2013 at the International Electroacoustic Music Festival in Brooklyn College, New York.

Melissa Danas, Horn
Matthew Gantt, Sampler

Performance on February 28, 2014 as part of GROUP WORK I at Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn, New York.


- For Trombone & Electronics -

David Whitwell, Trombone
Matthew Gantt, Sampler

Live recording on May 11th, 2014 at Whitman Hall, Brooklyn, NY.

Cuerdas de un Pueblo Muy Lejano

- For Cello & Electronics -

Cuerdas de un Pueblo Muy Lejano (Strings from a Town Far Away) is based on a Huayno melody that goes through different transformations. Huayno is a style of music that comes from the deep Andean regions of Peru.

Derek LaRoche, Violoncello
Matthew Gantt, Sampler

Live recording on May 11th, 2014 at Whitman Hall, Brooklyn, NY.


Eric Coyne, Violoncello
Edrick Subervi, Sampler

Live performance on June 24th, 2015 at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF).

Radio del Infierno

- Electronics -

Radio del Infierno (Radio from Hell) composed in 2010.


JAZZ FUSION | afro-peruvian

Primeros Pasos

- For Jazz Orchestra -

Primeros Pasos (First Steps) combines the unique rhythms of Festejo and the sophisticated harmonic language of Jazz.

The rhythms of Festejo are based on polyrhythms - the three-against-two feel - and accents that fall on the first downbeat and then on upbeats. There are different permutations of the basic rhythms of Festejo throughout the piece, combined with extended chords - sevenths, ninths, and elevenths - that change in every section.

There are four well-defined sections in Primeros Pasos. The intro is slow and canonic, which represents the struggle that comes when we first try to walk. Dragging ourselves on the floor, falling down multiple times, and trying again and again until we can finally stand up and walk. The second section is upbeat and it represents the actual walking. The melodies in this section are inspired by Festejo standards that Paredes used to listen to when she was a little girl. The third section is more playful; we are running, jumping, and playing around in this one. There are more chord changes and broken-down melodies in this section than in others to represent playfulness. The last section after the climax takes us back to the second section when we were walking with some variations. The end is a reminder of when we started, and to not forget how far we have come.

This piece is dedicated to Paredes' niece Zoe, who was learning how to walk at the time.

Commissioned by Arturo O'Farrill's Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra.

Performance on February 15th, 2014 by Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra in Symphony Space, New York. Featuring Freddy "Huevito" Lobaton on Cajón.


- For Jazz Combo -

Festejo combines the indigenous dance, instrumentation and ritual of native Peru with African music and dance. The origins of the upbeat, Afro-Peruvian sound that make up Festejo can be traced to the celebration of Peru's independence from Spain and the emancipation of slaves first brought to the country in the 1500's.

Guitar, bass, cajon and quijada (jawbone) make up a traditional Festejo band. Lyrically, festejo songs focus on the themes of love, courtship, or as the name of the genre suggests, festivities. A vocalist is included in many Festejo standards, but Paredes have replaced the vocals with flute for this piece. Accompanying the Festejo sounds are jovial dances that also reflect the music's name.

Peru is diverse country, and its music reflects that diversity. This piece is the her way of paying homage to her Peruvian roots.

Performed by Sarah Kuzma, Eric Braunstein, David Whitwell, Patrick O'Reilly, Laura Vuksinich, Paula Battista, Matthew Gantt, Andrey Rengevich, and Hyun Sung Nam.

Live recording on May 14, 2012 in Studio 312 at Brooklyn College, New York.





Writing a piece for you and your ensemble. Rates vary from instrumentation, deadline, and length. Please contact me via email at ivonnekparedes@gmail.com to discuss details.



Rates vary from instrumentation, deadline, and length. Please contact me via email at ivonnekparedes@gmail.com to get a quote.





One-hour of private study is $50. There are currently four spots available in my studio.

engraving & copywork

Done with Sibelius 7. Samples are available upon request. Feel free to send a PDF of your project to ivonnekparedes@gmail.com to get a quote.


CONCERT Curation

Through my organization GROUP WORK.




Photos by Whitney George