- For Soprano & Piano -

Liberación (Liberation) is a poem by Magda Portal who was a Peruvian poet, feminist, author, political activist and leader. She was recognized in the vanguardia poetry literary movement in Peru and Latin America, and was one of the founders of the APRA (American Popular Revolutionary Alliance) political party. This poem talks about freeing herself from any kind of hardship and pain.

Performed by Barbara Porto (soprano), and Ariel Jacobs (piano) as part of GROUP WORK VI: Songs Against Violent Leadership.

Performance on February 24, 2017 at Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

El Sueño del Caimán

- For Violin & Cello -

El Sueño del Caiman is inspired by the poem with the same name by Peruvian poet Jose Santos Chocano, one of Ivonne's favorite poets. The piece is divided in four movements, and each one of them represents each stanza of the poem.

Performed by two thirds of the trio forty/sixty at the 2017 Women Composers Festival of Hartford.

Performance on March 31, 2017 at 4pm at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

El Sueño del Caimán

- For Violin & Cello -

Performed by Meghan Ruel (violin) and Alexander Duke (cello) at Look and Listen Part II presented by GRIT Collaborative and Oh My Ears.

Performance on November 17, 2018 at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

Duo Para Cajón

- For Cajón Duet -

Dúo Para Cajón is inspired by Steve Reich's percussion music, which Paredes always find very enjoyable to play. In this piece, Reich's methods of repetition and sequence have been infused with a dash of Peruvian flavor.

Performed by Matteo Cammisa in Lucca, Italy.

Hoguera de Silencios

- For Two Sopranos, Mezzo Soprano & Piano -

Hoguera de Silencios (Bonfire of Silence) is based on the poem by Peruvian poet Blanca Varela. Everything from the melodies to the sound effects that happen throughout the piece have been inspired by the text. This is the first work that Ivonne has done inspired by one of the poems by the Peruvian poet. She happened to discover Varela after looking for poems for this commission, and found Hoguera dark and intriguing.

Performed by JACOPERA (Jennie Legary, Anastasia Rege, and Christina Hourihan).

Performance on July 3, 2016 at Magazzino Musica (MaMu) in Milan, Italy.


- For Paetzold Recorder & Percussion -

Duet for Paetzold recorder and percussion performed by Hunter Long (recorder) and Ivonne Paredes (percussion).

Performed on July 25, 2015 at Charlotte Street Studios in Kansas City, MO.


- For Mallet Trio -

Oye (Listen) is a composition inspired by Peruvian singer-songwriter Eva Ayllon. Called "The Queen of Landó," Ayllon has a long history as a Festejo and Landó musician which are two popular styles of Peruvian music derived from African and indigenous Peruvian music. Paredes loves her music and the way she delivers it, she has such a passionate presence and penetrating voice. This is a tribute to her music, her legacy, and to Peruvian music in general.

This piece was initially for brass trio, then arranged for percussion.

Performed by Paula Battista, Gerard Sullivan, and Ivonne Paredes.

Live recording on December 10, 2012 in Studio 312 at Brooklyn College, New York.


- For Chamber Ensemble -

Being from Peru, Paredes focuses on highlighting her background by writing pieces inspired by various types of Peruvian music. This piece, Amazonia, is based on Amazonian music. It is an upbeat composition, accompanied by tribal dances native to some of tribal communities of the Peruvian Amazon.

Performed by Sarah Kuzma (flute), Tais Szilagi (flute), Paula Battista (percussion), Arsid Ketjuntra (percussion), and Gregory Post (piano).

Live recording on November 19, 2012 in Studio 312 at Brooklyn College, New York.